Discover Slovenia, part I



Slovenia is the only country in Europe that has the Alps and the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the mysterious Karts. The changebility of the land-scape will suprise you time and time again. You can see the sea, and yet there are mountains behind you. You climb a forested slope, and below you is a green plain. You stand in a mountain pasture, and below you is the gorge of river. The proximity of contrasts is a peculiarity of Slovenia. Here you can still walk through virgin forest or see grapes growing on the oldest vine in the world. Here you can here stories about bears and eat wild forest fruit that you have picked yourself on a short walk our of town. Here you become a part of nature.


Incentives Unlimited!


When thinking of Slovenia as a possible destination for incentives, the first thing that comes up to mind is the incredible diversity of possibilities that spur exciting experiances. Selecting Ljubljana as a “base camp” allows us to combine the elements of city lifestyle with strikingly diffrent elements, which are an added value to our destination. Ljubljana alone has many qualities-including sights, atracticons, a multitude of events and trandy places, which helps in nuilding up interesting incentive proposals.


Team Working has one of the unique programmes for incentive program Slovenia. It is organised as a catered brunch under the market colonnades. An ideal intermezzo for smaller corporate events running in one of the downtown hotels. Moreover, if you and your team would like to express culinary skills, we recommend Cooking Team Building where you can use fresh seasonal ingredients that are on offer right in front of the guests. Urban game in Ljubljana, would be a perfect activity to further get to know the city as well improve team spirit. Our Urban game can include also some photographic activities, in which participants have to take pictures of some points of interest in the city or make a short video of some places in order to continue their tour. This feature makes the competition more involving and interesting, also beacause teams can have more fun!




The outdoor life


With Ljubljana’s central position in the country, many attractive locations for outdoor pursuits or special events are close at hand– within a mazimum of 1.5 hour’s drive. Additional activities that we can organised for you are: exploaring the Karst region and fantastic underground caves, play golf or dine at Bled, a stanning lakeside resort, exploare the Alpine region, hikking and biking around Socha river and lakes.


As a country of sporting challenges and a place where you can put your trust in your own strengh, Team Building has a special Action team events for you and your team. Survival,  Rafting and Orienteering designed for those that want to live an adventure. Participants find themselves in unusual circumstances dealing with a series of (sometimes) difficult situations. Some of them have to cooperate in order to find a presumed killer or construct a boat. Others, for instance, have to face orienteering or fire making challenge. First of all, the proposed formats are a great way to spend time together, create and strengthen rapport between colleagues. Participants have always a set of tasks, that cannot be resolved without cooperation, roles division, great organization or leadership.


Take a glass of wine


Main ingredients in organising events are culture, history, the cuisine and an active lifestyle. Moroever, wine culture along eno-gastronomy routes, green nature and an unspoilt environment, and the universal Slovenian fondness of the great outdoors. For wine enthusiast  organising a Wine Team building event at the cost of Slovenia is perfect in combining with visit the Spa and Wellness of Portoroz and Koper.



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