Diversity as a way of growth

In an increasingly globalised, complex and interconnected world it is necessary to handle and promote the diversity of employees. Each company has his own identity and culture that has to be interpreted to ensure that diversity and inclusion become a vehicle of social and business innovation.

It is possible to transform the diversities from barriers to added value through Diversity Management. This is a Corporate Division that promote, facilitate and develop a deep and lasting change in a company. The goal is to include and exploit the individual and his contribution, this will take to the creation of an inclusive environment that will improve the welfare and productivity of employees.


What to do to increase Diversity Inclusion

It is necessary to create corporate policies to adopt to exploit the diversity and use it as a useful growth element in private and work life. These policies are important from an ethic and productivity point of view, but they have an impact also on Employer Branding and therefore on attract and maintain talents inside the company.

There are different types of diversity: gender, cultural diversity, people with disabilities, work/life integration, LGBT+ and cross generational diversity. All these areas are equally considered as determinants of diversity.

In a company it is necessary to have a training and orientation function to make everyone evolve and to promote your own growth in an environment that changes constantly. Then it will be necessary to do an endless re-skilling to update knowledges and skills. These practices should be a normal activity to create a company that use diversity as a strategic lever to increase a strong competitive advantage.

In this kind of company that has been descripted, curiosity and innovation ability are essential skills. These have to be promoted through specific programs and management styles.

Sensitivity Training is an example of a method to teach how to be more careful to other people and more sensitive to group dynamics. This training is about putting yourself in the shoes of the colleagues that are considered as different to understand what they are going through with their feelings and emotions.

TeamWorking and Diversity

As TeamWorking we have different Team Building activities that can be used to increase the inclusion of diversities in your company in a working team:

-Lego activity: https://www.teamworking.it/creative-team-building/lego-building/

-Cooking activity: https://www.teamworking.it/cooking-team-building/

-Music: https://www.teamworking.it/music-team-building/

These activities include different types of way of thinking, cultures and traditions that can be shared with your colleagues.

Make your team and your company stronger with TeamWorking!

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