In previous opportunities we have talked about ecologic team building activities that are useful to work on the office relationships and help (and stimulate) the preservation of the environment. In the 21st Century is not only important to create a conscience about the current situation of our planet, but it is a necessity if we want to avoid our future generations to suffer irreparable harm.


Our ecological activities focused on the conservation of the environment and at the same time they encourage teamwork. That’s one of the reasons we are prone to the creation of activities that serve the same purpose. And in this opportunity we want to present an out of this world team building, filled with enigmas, hidden mysteries and that will required for the participants to be fully connected with their orientation senses, learn how to listen and follow advices. Not only that, but they will be face-to-face with nature while doing all of that! But what could this activity be?


Labyrinth Team Building? How about… Team Building Ecomystic?


And here is why…


jericóThe labyrinth is a symbol that has different meanings and interpretations and has been used in diverse modalities. Its origins are uncertain and are connected with ancient time, when in the prehistory was used to dispel bad spirits. It has also been associated with the Knossos myth and in the Greek mythological tradition is used as a prison. In the Christian tradition the labyrinth appears in the Bible as a metaphor Joshua uses to describe the plan in which the Jews had to enter through the walls of Jericho, believed to be impenetrable. Further on the Hebraic Bible designs Jericho as a city built within labyrinth walls that protected it, and in the center was the house of Rajab, the prostitute that aided the Jews get in the city. In the middle ages it is also used as a metaphor to describe the road the believers take to get to God, a winding road filled with temptations, but one you arrive at the center, you are reborn.


Even if the beginnings are unknown, each one seems to be related with spirituality and a strong mysticism. How can we forget the brilliant Spanish film Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro? A tragic story filled with mysteries and enigmas where the labyrinth represented a scape where every time the leading character entered, her world was transformed and when she finally got to the center the life’s truth was revealed.



Our proposition is connected with all of these mysteries and it will leave the participants with important reflections and strategies of group dynamics.


17_Villa_Pisani_labirintoLabyrinths in Europe have been used since the Renaissance to serve as entertainment and embellishment spaces of big palace’s gardens. That’s why we can find them in Versailles and in Villa Pisani (Veneto), where a big labyrinth is placed in the center of the garden and in which we will introduced our participants. They will carry themselves through the maze with clues, questions and enigmas they will have to decipher in order to get to the center and discover…it might not be the metaphysical truth, but it will certainly be a surprise.


So why not enter with us this ecomysitc adventure? Prepare yourself to live an experience with nature in a very unique and peculiar way.

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