Imola: the Motor Land

With the next appointment of our column about the incentive destinations in the vicinity of Milan, we see today another outstanding location, Giovanni con le Ferraribecome legendary in the car racing world: Imola. The city is located between the banks of the Santerno River, where the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines meet the Po Valley, in a very privileged spot: at 30 kilometers from Bologna (and thus easy reachable by train or plane) and at 60 kilometers from the beaches of the famous Adriatic Coast. Really a gem at our disposal.


Thanks to its favorable position and to the mild climate, we can visit Imola at any time of the year. In the city we can see the famous Rocca Sforzesca, a thirteenth century building hosting a rare collection of ancient weapons and a prestigious exhibition of medieval ceramics. In addition, at the top of the building we can admire a breathtaking vista of the Imola’s panorama, from its plain to the Apennines. We then find the Palazzo Tozzoni, with its splendid furnishings in a perfect state of conservation and its cellars with a rich collections of tools from the local rural culture. Let’s not forget the San Domenico Museum, in the cloister of the convent of Saints Nicolò and Domenico, with an extraordinary gallery of paintings from many great masters like Innocenzo da Imola and Bartolomeo Cesi. These masterpieces can now be the inspiration for our incentive solution “Painting”: through the three phases Training, Action Painting and Team Painting, we can boost your staff’s sense of belonging with creativity and exchange of ideas.


The Temple of Formula 1 ricordo-di-ayrton-a-imola


As we have said, Imola is renowned around the world thanks to its race track, the Circuito Enzo and Dino Ferrari. Inaugurated on October 19 1952 by the great drivers of the time, like AscariFarina and Villoresi, the track joins the Formula 1 world only on September 1980, with its first race valid for the World Championship. Since then the Imola’s Circuit has become a real legend for the drivers. Here dies the great Ayrton Senna on May 1 1994 along the Tamburello Bend, near which it is possible to admire the monument to his memory: a bronze statue two meters high depicting the great driver. Carved on the statue a statement from the Brazilian champion himself: “I think I am very far away from the way of life I would like”. We want to retrace this and other legends of the Imola’s Circuit? We do it by taking our groups to the track itself with our Incentive Activity Formula 1. Why not imitate the great drivers in funny manner with our Crazy Car Team Building? Divided in teams, the participants have to build their personal vehicle and win the race!!!!


A pit-stop made of taste!!!!Cooking Team Building Foto


Legendary is also the Imola’s cuisine, with some dishes unparallel in the world. Among the first courses let’s remember the Garganelli, the Strozzapiedi and the Tortellini filled with ricotta cheese and herbs, all strictly manmade. Among the second courses instead let’s remember the grilled and roasted meats, like the Fiorentina (grilled T-bone steak) and the Castrato (grilled mutton), which can be tasted with the Piadina Romagnola (unleavened bread), the Soft Cheeses and the excellent local salami. Among the wines we find names no less legendary: the Red Wine of Sangiovese DOC and the White Wine Albana DOCG. Do you already have your mouth watering? Then, let’s taste these delicacies together with one of the formats from our Cooking Team Building Series: taste and fun at the service of our incentive activity!!

Among the major events of the city let’s remember the exhibition CRAME taking place every September, where the enthusiasts gather to exchange vintage cars, motorcycles and bicycles, and the Baccanali, manifestation of exhibitions, conferences, markets and tastings organized each year in November. Interested in these appointments? Thanks to our experience of Destination Management Company we can organize our events accompanying you step by step in their realization.


What are you waiting for then? Contact us and let’s discover Imola together!!

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