Lerici: taste and charm of an extraordinary local tradition

Lerici With today appointment of our column about the incentive destinations in the vicinity of Milan we continue to see the beautiful Ligurian Coast, turning our attention to a place along the easternmost part of the Gulf of La Spezia: Lerici. Near the estuary of the Magra River, the town characterizes itself, in addition to the splendid natural scenery, also for its local tradition, made of tastes, history and an extraordinary cuisine.


Landing place for travelers and pilgrims


The history of Lerici is very ancient. Under the rule of the Bishops of Luni, in the past the city was an important landing place for travelers and pilgrims on the road to Rome and Nord Italy. In the Middle Age Lerici became an important Genoese possession, even though it briefly fell in the hands of Pisa during the XIII century. The original medieval structure is still visible in the urban plan, with houses aligned with the narrow carrugi (the characteristic narrow porches and shady alleys typical of the little villages of the Ligurian Coast). As testimony of this medieval past we find the Lerici Castle, built by the Pisans in the XIII century but later expanded by the Genoeses, or the Tower of Saint Rocco, of Roman origins then turned in a bell tower in the XVI century. Then we find the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, with the splendid statue of the saint and the numerous paints by many important masters, and the Doria Palace, later turned in a hospital dedicated to the Saints Peter and Paul.


All roads lead to Lerici!Cavanei di Lerici


As we have already seen for Portovenere, we can admire the beauty of Lerici also outside the city itself, thanks to the uncontaminated nature never touched by the industrial development. Numerous are the hamlets around the town, and above all the ancient paths with which we can organize an extraordinary trekking experience. Let’s remember the old mule track along the path to Barbazzano, where we find the testimony of the ancient megalithic civilization in the so called “Cavanei” (stone constructions similar to the Sardinian Nuraghi, perhaps with funeral function). On the road to Solaro, instead, we find the “Orto Magno”, with its terraces and walled tanks, the Groppina Tower, ancient defensive fortification in the eastern part of the gulf, and in the midst of all this numerous strategic spots from which to admire the majestic vista of the landscape: simply magic!

Let’s also remember some of the many beaches of the town, like the Beach of Saint George and the Beach of the Blue Venus, enchanted paradises for millions of tourists from all over the world. What do you say to discover together these beautiful places with our format Orienteering? Equipped with map and compass, the participants have to find their way back among the ancient tracks and the extraordinary promontories. We can also organize a trip to the islands near Lerici with our Sailing Team Building: an engaging incentive adventure with no limits!


The cuisine of simplicitycooking team building Lerici


The cuisine of Lerici is born from the fusion of the culinary traditions from the neighboring regions. The outcome of this combination is some typical products whose main theme is simplicity. Here we find the Porcini “Boletus”, served fried, stuffed or in oil, the Focaccette of Aulla, the Panigacci of Podenzana and the Testaroli. Here we have the extensive use of theChestnut Flour, cheaper than wheat, used to prepare the Lasagne Bastarde, the Pattona and the Gnocchi mesci. Among the salami we find some legendary names, like the Spalla Cotta, the Cheeses of sheep and goat and the Caciotte di Lusignana, to taste with one of the excellent local wines, as for example the Corvo Nero and the Vino del Prete. What do you say to draw on this rich menu to motivate your staff with our Cooking Team Building seriesCreativityfantasy and the pleasure of being together for the benefit of your staff.

Let’s remember that we can admire this ancient tradition thanks to the many fairs and festivals organized throughout the year, occasions to use as showcase for your conferences. Thanks to our experience of Destination Management Company we can help you in every phase of your event organization, to make you enjoy a comfortable and satisfying experience.


Therefore contact us and let’s have fun together with our incentive adventure!

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