Monza: drivers for one day

Giovanni Gambardella at the Monza's Racing TrackEven this year the Monza Grand Prix has given us many emotions and a fantastic Formula 1 show. But what about the city hosting the event? Lesser known than other cities like Venice or Parma, but not less important in historical and cultural terms, Monza promises to be another outstanding incentive destination. Many are the locations that come in handy to organize our team building experience: let’s try to find our inspiration by poking around its extraordinary architectonical structures and natural landscapes.


A leap back in History….                                                                                                           


As we have already seen in the other cases, the Monza’s fascination too is inextricably linked to its history. Let’s take a step back then. Born as roman colony, the city reached the pinnacle of its splendor during the Longobardic period at the times ofQueen Teodolinda, which turned it into the capital of her reign. During the Middle Age it became the home to the investiture for the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, with a crow (the Iron Crown) appositely built for this purpose. Here we see the crowning of some legendary historical figures such as Frederick BarbarossaCarl V and Napoleon Bonaparte. Subsequently, Monza knew an extraordinary period of development starting from the XVIII century, under Austrian dominion, which has led it to become one of the richest areas in Italy.


…and some of its iconsBlack Ferrari at the Monza's Racing Track


Among the many possible sites, we have chosen those few that maybe better testify this ancient tradition. In the center of the city we find the Monza’s Cathedral, built between the XIV and the XVII century. The building shows the extraordinary two-colored marble gabled façade in green and white, today become the icon of the city. In the monument is preserved the already mentioned Iron Crown, example of the late Roman goldsmith’s art used for the crowning of the emperors. In the crown’s frame we find a central ring that legend wants to come from a nail of the Holy Cross.  But let’s not forget the Monza’s Park, wanted by Napoleon and now one of the largest in Italy, and the Villa Reale, built in the XVII century as royal residence with structure in neo classic style and English garden. The park lends itself to the organization of many types of incentive events, both as experiential and outdoor training. Whatever is the chosen event, for its realization we can go to the historical restaurant Saint Georges Premier inside the park itself, to organize aperitifs, dinners and meetings according to your needs.

A location in pole positionGroup Photo al the Monza's Racing Track


 In the northern part of the park, instead, we find the Monza’s Racing Track, built in 1922 and today a holy temple for the world motor racing. Over the course of the years the facility has become a real legend, a sort on amphitheatre for the motor racing gladiators, who has seen the greatest drivers of history challenging each other until the last kilometer. Its track is one of the most challenging of the world championship, but also one of the safest. Want to know better this track, with its turns and straights? Understand where to speed up and when decelerate to get the most out of the vehicle’s potentialities? With our Formula 1 motivational activity we can get a direct knowledge of the track, using real racing cars and other high performance vehicles, like Ferrari and Porche. But remember that being F1 champions means being a middle ground between engineers and drivers, and we can imitate them in a funny manner with our Crazy Car Team Building: divided in teams, the participants have to build their own vehicle and put it into practice in a real race and in a real track previously traced. The Gumball Rally as incentive activity!!!!!!

Another exceptional location then, which promises an incredible team building experience. Thanks to our background of Destination Giovanni Gambardella next to a Red Ferrari at the Monza's Racing TrackManagement Company we will be able to guide you step by step in the organization of your incentive activity, certain to give you emotions and sensations you’ll never forget.

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