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TeamWorking’s team in Italy has been experiencing this lockdown and quarantine condition for a few weeks now so we feel like we have some experience in this field! Putting jokes aside, in these difficult days for all of us, we of Teamworking have often thought about how we can make ourselves useful even if we can’t do what we do best: organize Team Building events for companies.

Our Vision and our Mission always remains to bring a smile into the corporate world and we’ve thought that, at the moment, one of the easiest ways to do this could be to give small advice to those who, like us, work from home and find themselves face to face with this new world called Smart Working. First of all, Smart Working is not to be done in pajamas. For us, as probably for many other companies, this was the first time we experienced remote work and, obviously, once passed the initial euphoria, the one that made all of us think we were on holiday, we are all quickly realizing that working from home is not it’s that easy.

Some Smartworking Tips for a more effective and efficient work:

  1. We know it’s not easy but try not to get up last minute, if you wake up early you will even notice that you will have more time for yourself.
  2. Do gymnastics, yoga or stretching and then reward yourself with a big and complete breakfast.
  3. Change your outfit and dress well, comb your hair as if you were going to work. As we have already anticipated, no pajamas or overalls, the fact of being well dressed will make you think of a professional day, not a comfortable holiday. Furthermore, if you like taking time for yourself and make up makes you feel comfortable, just do it!
  4. Create a comfortable and bright workplace. Be careful to have a comfy chair. Do not work on the sofa, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the floor or on the balcony. Well, maybe it’s ok to work on the balcony, if the weather permits!
  5. Stay away from the fridge, you can start thinking about food only a few minutes before the lunch break! On the other hand, however, remember to drink lots of water (so you also have the excuse to go to the bathroom more often!)
  6. Make a to do list: this will allow you to better organize your work during the day. Pay attention to multitasking: one of the risks of working from home is to do too many things together so you need to concentrate on one task at a time and start the next task only once the previous one is finished.
  7. Set yourself some limits: another one of the biggest risks of working from home is working too much (burnout). You really need to take breaks: every 2 hours take a 15-minute break, get up and do some stretching.
  8. Stay in touch with the team. Chatting and emailing are crucial, but sometimes a phone call can really make the difference. Furthermore, as a Team, we think it is also very important to chat on non-working topics, sharing silly photos of everyday life, having virtual coffee breaks or even after work aperitifs together. It’s really a good way to relax and stay in touch with colleagues!
  9. Ventilate the room often so that you can breathe new fresh air.
  10. If you do not have all the room for yourself and you need to share it, make sure to organize the spaces of the house and the volume of the calls so as not to bother each other so as not to cause quarrels.
  11. Background music is fine but stay away from television, no TV series are allowed while working!
  12. If you have children, try to organize their day so that you won’t need to play with them during your working hours: they still have homework, music to listen to or books they can read on their own! Then, you can make some time for them after office hours.
  13. Also, for this reason, therefore, do not work overtime: no work after dinner or during the weekend.
  14. At the end of the day, detach yourself completely from the monitor, the ideal would be to start by reading a good book, who knows if you will become avid readers!

The last but not least piece of advice that we would like to give you, perhaps even the greatest of all, is to never mix professional life with personal life. Otherwise, everything gets confused and what was supposed to be a benefit then becomes a source of stress. This applies to every moment of life, not just for Smart Working.

Enjoy the little things

Think about it! Now that every one of you is at home, you can enjoy more the time you are spending together with your family or doing the things that make you feel good. For some of you it may be taking care of plants, having the time to make a fresh orange juice in the morning or drinking your favorite coffee. Or, it may even be smoking a cigarette outside on the balcony or cooking your food for lunch.

Anyways, whatever your hobbies are, staying home for so long will give you the opportunity to carve out the time for yourself you’ve never found, bringing out hobbies and passions that you had put aside.

Every day, after waking up, try to focus on the small details of the days that pass and you will notice that from these days, previously considered boring, you can bring out great potential.

Happy Smart Working to everyone!

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