Sports with team building? At the Daman Hercules Trophy in Dubai

Hercules Challenge

The IV edition at the starting blocks!

There is great expectation on the fourth edition of the Daman Hercules Trophy in Dubai, an event attracting every year thousand of professionals from about 70 leading companies of United Arab Emirates. The event will take place on March 22nd at the Sevens Stadium in Dubai.


Obviously, this event is a great opportunity to combine team building activities and networking with sports and the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Participants of the Hercules Trophy this year have to complete 12 unique high-energy ‘labours’ throughout the fun filled day. The labours range from racing camels, to a cross country obstacle course, a modern version of Medieval football, to buggy racing among others. The challenges are a unique combination of different skills which encourage and require teamwork, endurance, strategic thinking and agility. Luck also plays a part, which adds to the excitement by making it difficult to predict the winners.


During the preparation phase, participants can “group” by choosing a creative name for their team, take pictures, pick a song as soundtrack to the team.

There will be also some moments for networking and sharing: the event involves professionals from all business sectors worldwide, so it is a very good opportunity for companies that want to expand their networks and be known in the world.


Incentive and surroundings

The interest in the Hercules Trophy of Dubai from the international business is further evidence of the importance that the city has taken in recent years becoming an ideal destination for incentive activities.

And we are no less so!


Also we have chosen Dubai as a destination for our team building activities. The territory, in fact, offers excellent opportunities to organize various fun and training activities through which participants can create cohesion within their team, improve communication skills and interpersonal relationships, foster leadership and problem solving skills. All while having fun with friends.


Our formats are designed for Incentive travels, but also for companies who wish to combine training with leisure activities.

We also specialize in Team Building Trainings organization for the companies situated in Dubai. Our services are tailored to our clients needs and Dubai highly multicultural environment.


Treasure huntUrban GameCooking are only some of our formats.


If you want to know more about our format, contact us!

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