Survival Team Building


The Survival Series


The Survival Simulations are designed to teach teams how to improve problem solving through learning the interpersonal (people) and rational (task) skills and behaviors that lead to successful teamwork.

Each simulation presents a scenario, such as being stranded in “the desert”, and then challenges the team to rank various objects they might need for survival.

The exercises ensure that all team members have the same level of knowledge about the artificial situation (not very much!), meaning they must rely on their ability to set objectives, analyze alternative strategies and evaluate them, and finally, choose a solution that will best meet the objective.

By having team members complete the exercise individually and then as a team, the difference between the individual solutions and the team’s solution can be identified. This becomes a real measure of the group’s ability to perform as a team.


Team Cooking meets Team Survival


Teams will work together to cook outdoors, build shelters and fires and learn navigation skills in order to locate their challenge sites. Workmates will work together to complete physically and mentally intensive tasks as if their life truly depended on it.

  • Collectively, group members must prioritise the importance of each assignment and allocate teammates accordingly. You and your employees will acquire new and extreme outdoor skills, while building team communication and learning more about the strengths and determination of fellow workmates.
  • Each participant will play an important role. Some will pull from their expertise and teach the others. Some will be the motivators who maintain team spirit throughout the whole challenge. All will acquire a new skill, plus learn more about themselves.
  • At the beginning of the activity, teams are given a written brief outlining the mission set before them. Teams must complete the survival style tasks in the time allotted; points are awarded for the successful completion of each task.


Versatile for any occasione


The Survival Simulations can be used as an icebreaker at the beginning of a workshop, conference, seminar, or training program, or to establish healthy norms within a new work group. They can also be used with new or established teams to introduce members to the value of synergy or to gauge their synergistic problem-solving skills.


Interactive for all group members


Set in unfamiliar locations, our Survival Simulations allow group members to participate as equals— regardless of rank or position. By starting on equal footing, participants have the opportunity to fully participate, focus on group processes, and analyze their contributions to the quality of the team’s performance.


“Desert” Survivor Team Building Exercise


The “Desert Survival” Team Building Exercise is a fun way to bring your group together as they problem solve, work as a team, and learn to trust one another. Divide the group into teams. For the sake of group solidarity and bonding, it’s a good idea to recommend that each team come up with a name for their group. You will have such tasks as to rank the importance of the items you salvaged from depending on programme the “plane wreck” or “ship wreck”. Your Team has to come up with a plan for either escaping the desert or finding help. When the time is up, reconvene and invite a member of each group to come forward share their team’s decisions, along with rationalizations for their actions. Because this activity fosters teamwork and trust, there are no “losers.”


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