Team Building in Switzerland: the Mountains

Team Building in Switzerland: the Mountains

Switzerland is a beautiful place to visit, with its mountains, lakes, wild nature and peaceful way of living. It can be chosen as destination for a trip with family or friends, or for a corporate incentive trip. Let’s start from the mountains. Swiss Alps are one of the most beautiful places on earth! That’s why we propose so often Team Building in Switzerland: the Mountains are perfect places to host some adventurous and dynamic team building activities. But which benefits will them bring to the Team? Let’s discover together!


Team Building in Switzerland: the Mountains

In Switzerland we can find some of the most beautiful places of the Alps. Here are some suggestions of the places to visit:

  • Threes!xty Revolving RestaurantZermatt: no panorama is more beautiful than the one on Matterhorn (Cervino in Italian) seen from here. From 1961 in the town is forbidden to use cars, so you will need to walk. For a natural and “slow” holiday!
  • Wengen: here we can ski like true champions. The ski slope of Lauberhorn hosts the World Cup Men’s Downhill Race.
  • Saas-Fee: an ancient town, founded in Middle Ages by Walser population and still perfectly conserved. Here you will find “block-bau” wooden houses with rock foundation, built according to traditions. Of course there are also ski slopes and paths on railway routes between the rocks. Not miss to visit the world’s highest revolving restaurant, ThreeS!xty in Mittelallalin.

All these locations can be visited during an incentive trip or chosen for a corporate team building. What benefits will it bring to the company? Let’s discover them together!


Survival Team Building in the mountains

The Team will learn and apply surviving methods to resist some hours, or even the whole night, in an inhospitable place. Are we capable of that? Maybe not on our own, but during the activity we will have the support of expert trainers. An incentive trip in Switzerland can become a thrilling challenge thanks to a Survival Team Building activity.

Which Survival abilities the participants will learn and replicate?

  • Lighting a fire
  • Building a shelter
  • Simulating surviving in a snow storm
  • Building a tibetan bridge to imitate the crossing of a river.



Survival Team Building is perfect for hot summer time, when it’s pleasant to walk in the mountains. But this activity can become even more exciting if we choose to try it in winter. For example? Building an Igloo and spending the night inside it. This Inuit shelter, made completely of snow, must be built by following really precise rules. Only then it will be solid and, above all, will keep warmth inside it. Our instructors can do it anytime, but the Team itself will have to design the project and work with snow and ice to realize it. A really extreme team building challenge!



Team Building Orienteering: let’s find our way in the woods

Switzerland is rich in natural spaces of great beauty, woods and mountains that we can traverse with colleagues or friends in a nice sunny day. But the same places may become very challenging if we choose to face an experience of Orienteering. With compasses and maps, we will cover a path with determinate stages. The task? To reach the final destination before the rival teams.

Orienteering in the woods is in not way easy. That’s why the Team will have to develop a strategy and to work together efficiently, listening for everybody’s opinion. Only through team work it will not risk to lose its way in the woods. Also, we will clearly see the role of the Leader who will guide the team. Let’s face together Orienteering Team Building in Switzerland: the Mountains will open to us all their secrets.



In all Extreme Team Building activities, functioning and efficiency of the corporate team will be put on trial. A new and often inhospitable environment, and some challenges hard to face, will encourage team’s members to develop their communication and team work abilities. This day spent in Swiss Alps will be radically different from the office routine and will help the team members to evaluate their work and restart with new team spirit!


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