The secret to make your team a Swiss watch




So… What is team building? Is it just a strategy to build a team? We think a better question is: what does team really mean?


A smart-written article published by Eric T. Wagner in Forbes Magazine in 2012, called The 10 Secrets of Building Your Team, talks about how the team is an essential component to a successful business. Even though sometimes we give it for granted, Wagner points out the truth: “No team equals no dream”. And the reality is even a Swiss watch works with components that operate singularly and harmonically to produce a single result, give the time precisely and when you need it. Each gear is a member of the process and without one or the other, the system collapses and it stops being the reliable Swiss watch.


So team is the key. There are no other words… You need it.


But what happens if once you have it stops working effectively and efficiently as it once did? The truth is, even the components of our Swiss watch sometimes need oil to continue working with the same pace. And no, we are not suggesting to cover your employees in oil, that will be counterproductive; but an incentive is always an alternative. You can certainly reward them with a nice holiday in a relaxing location, tickets to the opera, a dinner and countless other activities that will certainly be pleasant, but that will forget the team element.


In our ten years experience in team building, we have come across every single request to make a team work well and we have discover that the clue is to have fun! Spending a great time with your co-workers and getting out of the routine and demands of the office can be more soul rewarding than a spa coupon, believe us. The smiles we’ve seen in the participants are the prove that we have found the key to a successful company once you have built your team.


Happy people working together makes the most difficult tasks seem a breeze.


If you want to see how much fun we have been having over the past ten years, click play!

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