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TeamWorking  new outdoor formats


Workmates will stretch their minds and their bodies (don’t worry, only slightly) to experience Total OutDoor Team Building!

Team Working: Outdoor from Team Working on Vimeo.


TeamWorking  has an exciting new teambuilding experience that brings out the sense of fun, wit, craftiness, competitive drive and hilarity of even the most reserved of workmates. Your group will be divided into teams that will compete against one another in a series of mentally stimulating and low-impact physical tasks. Teams will be awarded points based on their performance for each challenge. For an even more rewarding experience, they can earn bonuses for qualities such as determination, sense of humour, team dynamics—perhaps even for distracting the other teams, all in good fun!


Total OutDoor Team Building consists of about 8 to 10 team activities (and we have more then 30 different challenges to choose from).


Examples of the teambuilding games and tasks include:


  • Spider’s Web – involves the passage of team members through a horizontal or vertical web structure without waking up the spider…
  • Toxic Waste – requires team members to work together to retrieve a canister of “radioactive isotope” from the exclusion zone and then dispose of it safely.
  • The Hol(e)y Water Challenge – the team has to move water first over a set distance and then use this water to float objects from a tube. Very funny!
  • Entertainers
  • Archery
  • Much More….

We’ll discuss the range of activities ahead of time so we can figure out which are best suited for your corporate group and location. That way, participants will come away laughing, motivated and closer than ever, having experienced a teambuilding event especially customised for them!


Benefits for your Team


  • Allows workmates to form deeper bonds in a fun and diverse setting,
  • Promotes teambuilding as participants will learn more about their colleagues’ hidden talents while striving to work together as effectively as possible,
  • Enables your company to take a breather or to be rewarded for a successful quarter,
  • You can customise it to fit your group,
  • Suitable for a varied level of skill and fitness levels.


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