When music becomes team building


Art is life. Art is passion.


Most of all is a way to communicate, so let’s do it rhythmically!

“Just beat it, beat it, beat it”… Is not only a tune sang by the famous Michael Jackson but is the direction Giovanni Gambardella, CEO of Team working, is proposing as a way to interact with your colleagues and make team work seem easy and effortless.


In an article published by the Italian magazine, Millionaire, Gambardella gives his points of view regarding how music can act as the glue that unifies an individual into a group. He explains: “Playing and singing have always been innate of the man…it gets inside the body and mind and engages emotion and intellectuality.”


In his, always, revolutionary ideas, he proposes a band of percussion: “It begins with one person, barely making a sound, then comes a second and you start feeling something, then comes the third and the sensation becomes stronger, then a whole group starts playing, and suddenly is not just individual sounds, but music… Simple and altogether.”


What is the purpose of the Percussion Team building? Make music, of course! Additionally, you will feel the need to work in harmony to produce rhythm…

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