Team Building Olive Oil



Italians and Olive Oil, tradition or quirk?


Olive oil is synonym of Italy and as proven by the Università Campus Bio-Medico of Roma and Università degli Studi of Teramo, in collaboration with the Università degli Studi of Camerino and Karolinska Instituted of Stockholm, extra virgin olive oil is an excellent food to prevent colon cancer; an expected conclusion for the lovers of this precious elixir that for long has been know for its abilities to reduce tumours.


How may you wonder? The mechanism in which olive oil might help prevent cancerogenous cells to appear in our system is the anti-oncogene, a gene that prevents mutation provoke by the environment and the diet: “an appropriate diet can prevent tumours, neurological diseases, obesity and diabetes”, says Mauro Maccarone Professor of Biochimic of the Università Campus Bio-Medico of Rome.


Where do Italians use olive oil?



Everywhere! Yes, everywhere, in salads, pizzas, focaccias, tomato sauce, salad, fish, soup… Absolutely everywhere… You don’t think is possible? For Italians olive oil has become a must in every dish, and if it doesn’t belong, they italinise it to make it possible! Olive oil for Italians is not only curative, it represents tradition, taste and it goes with everything because it’s rich and smooth.


Teambuilding it!


Of course in every single team building cooking activity olive oil will be present, like Pasta Team BuildingPizza Team Building, Master Chef, Classic Cooking Team Building and why not? Maybe even in Sushi Team Building. And it won’t be an eccentricity; it will just be being Italian!

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