Body Percussion: create music using your body

Body Percussion is not only a way to spend a nice time in the company of your colleagues or partners but also a great and powerful tool that boosts creativity and improves individual and team communication skills. Participants guided by our music coach learn how to produce harmonious rhythm. At first glance it seems impossible to create music using your body… but we will prove it isn’t!



Body Percussion is the activity that engages and connects people. To create music using your body reconnects you to your ancestral past, to your deepest emotions and thoughts. Music indeed is a powerful tool to create interactions and bring people together. Within just a couple of minutes, guided by our Music Trainer, participants are able to reach synchrony by means of their bodies.

Body Music combines elements of various cultures. It goes back to prehistoric times when people used sounds created with their own bodies to communicate. Nowadays, is more and more often considered as a tool to create and develop relations, improve individual, and team performance and, what is essential, to understand communication processes.

Body Percussion Team Building is an event that suits any group size and can be used at many levels:

  • Energizers & IceBreakers activity during conference or symposium.
  • Team Building activity with incentive purposes that is a source of fun and entertainment.
  • Team Building with training purposes during which we mainly work on communication aspects of teamwork.

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