Song Creation: Create your corporate song

The goal of the team building Song Creation is to build a relationship made of valours and emotions by sharing a musical experience!


Karaoke? No, thanks!

There’s nothing more human than music. It’s the only form of expression which is truly universal. That’s why our favorite artists stimulate our emotions so powerfully. Do you want to know how they create their songs? How can they give us emotions that make us fall in love with them?..

Song Creation is the answer! With this format, we can put the company’s values in music. The setting up is very simple: equipped with pen and paper and guided by an expert musician, participants must create their own song giving space to their creativity and imagination, and bringing out their emotions. It is possible to use a track that already exists or compose one, but the text has necessarily to be original!

There are no limits to the number of participants, who can be divided into small or big groups, so the sense of belonging and team spirit are exalted. We can even engage famous artists. Try to imagine: you can ask your idol about the creation of your favourite song or of a particularly emotional piece of music. Know-how and musical secrets at service in our team building!

The locations for this format can be different. You can choose the place that fits better your company’s needs. Of course, we prefer green locations, eco-friendly, like farmsteads.

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