Team Sailing

Team Sailing: let’s organize a regatta that at the same time will stimulate team spirit and encourage a healthy competition!

The right activity for those that want to live an adventure in open sea, this Team Building format will put “the crew” out of its comfort zone. Team members find themselves in a completely new situation away from the daily routine and common duties. This extraordinary experience will improve interpersonal contact, communication and leadership skills, but above all, it will allow participants to be together and improve teamwork. A team regatta is an exciting and unforgettable experience that unifies people, create relations. And, last but not least, it’s a source of pure fun and sometimes of adrenaline!

Ingredients to prepare an exciting and energizing Team Sailing format:

• crews ready to face the challenge,
• competitive boats,
• right weather conditions.

Team Sailing at the Lake

The regatta activity can be done at the sea, but also at the lake. The Team Sailing at the Lake is a team building action format that permits the enjoyment of the luxurious panoramas of Northern Italy from a sailing boat. This activity can be performed at all the major lakes of the North of Italy: Lake Como, Lake Garda, and Lake Maggiore.

Team Sailing… and Treasure Hunt

The team building format Regatta at the Lake can also be combined with other activities. For example, we can add a Treasure Hunt in a city next to the chosen lake (Como or Sirmione). The Hunt for the Pirate Treasure can be done at sea, and also at the lake!

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