Go Kart Race Team Building

This is the most exciting outdoor kart track that Team Working has prepared for YOU. We offer competitive racing leagues, ideal for large groups, incentive events, and corporate outings.

An activity where the adrenaline challenges the ability of the pilots: on appropriate and safe circuits, participants will experience the thrill of sports riding on a car or a kart, learning to evaluate and resolve the “unexpected“. Challenge, fun, and teamwork for a unique experience in motorsport!

We only require you to supply the thrills!

The Go Kart Incentive help you build and motivate your business team, improve staff motivation and increase communication skills. Karting is an invigorating team building activity that is sure to get the adrenaline going as you compete against your colleagues but with a “Team Mode”. This team building activity offers speed and thrills.

Go Kart Incentive: Experience Speed

Experience racing 100 km per hour in a go-kart where endurance is crucial. With a fully organized racing format, TeamWorking offers highly skilled driving sessions, with the opportunity to race in up to 5 organized teams. The team with the most laps completed is the winner. This activity really tests energy level and improves team tactics, with a huge reliance on communication skills and forward thinking. This is the perfect test for individual and group strength and improving working relationships.

Grand Prix

Let us help you move your colleagues into the fast lane. All racers compete within the qualifying heats and quarterfinals, racers are then eliminated according to their race finishes within the quarterfinals, allowing for semi-finals and a grand final. Survival of the fittest is the order of the day, with everyone competing against each other to be crowned karting champion. Trophies are allocated along with champagne for the champion. This challenge gives a competitive feel to all that takes part.

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