Crime Scene Investigation Team Building

CSI Team Building is based on the popular TV series CSI. It’s a powerful tool to create relations between colleagues and build a collaborative team in an atmosphere of mystery and crime (of course, with a great amount of fun and entertainment).

CSI Investigative Team Building

Why does CSI Team Building enjoys such great popularity? First of all, the presented activity can be organized and used in many circumstances: meeting, convention or symposium. Moreover, CSI creates the conditions to have a lot of fun while trying to find the presumed killer. Teams equipped with Forensics tools have to investigate the case and understand who committed a crime.

The game begins!

After receiving a set of information the game begins. By investigating tracks and analyzing evidence, CSI Team Building Participants have to figure out what had happened.

Focus on details is one of the main elements of the game! Every single detail has its own importance and may have a real impact on the final result of the investigation. Cooperation is necessary in order to reconstruct the sequence of events. No one can expect to solve the case individually. Only by using all the materials, exploring all the evidence, interviewing all the witnesses, teams have a chance to reveal the truth. They learn to separate facts from suppositions that can be useful also in real professional life.

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