Sport Driving: Ferrari Incentive

Driving a Ferrari means pure emotion, the ultimate in technology, aesthetics, power, and class. The roar of the engine floods the interior and you do not just have buckle your belts and squeeze the gas pedal accompanied by our drivers.

Get your team into top gear in this challenge! Ferrari Incentive focuses on incentive ingredients as Status Symbol, luxury, prestige.

Ready, Set, Go

Tailor-made for best performers, they are they customers or top performers employees. Having your best people on our minds, TeamWorking has created a new activity that is out of the ordinary: Ferrari Tour and Ferrari Incentive. Possible to organize in Tuscany, in a real circuit or for the most demanding, at Ferrariworld in Abu Dhabi (UAE)!

We plan a day at the racetrack to learn and race on official Challenge championship racing Ferrari. The day is divided into theory lessons and practice lessons in the morning. In the afternoon the real fun adventure starts with time qualified team race sessions on track. The racetrack distance is remarkable, but the main feature is that the single pilots gained excellent driving experience and security also showing the difference in the timing from morning to afternoon. A  unique experience!


  • A reward for best performers
  • Incentive
  • Stress Management
  • Time management
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