Cake Design – The art of creation

Cake Design is another Cooking Team Building idea that allows participants to spend time together, get to know each other in a friendly and “sweet” atmosphere. This really delicious Team Building may be:

  • a Team Building “stand-alone” format
  • an add-on activity to another Cooking Team Building

Cake DesignThe participants, divided into groups and under the guidance of our Pastry Master, learn the art of cake design. Equipt with the necessary tools and decorative materials they just have to give free rein to their imagination! You can create any kind of colors, flavors, or forms Teams struggling with this pretty unusual task that results in a unique “piece of art”!

Design can be inspired by the company’s logo, products, or specific facts. For example? We just made some cakes decorated with… robots! A company specialized in robotics produced robotic-themed cakes. An original idea, don’t you think so?

The presentation of prepared cakes, innovation and originality of the elements will be taken into consideration in the final judgment.


Cake Design: the Video



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