Pasta Cooking Team Building

Given our origins, we could not miss this activity! Although some theories claim that Marco Polo imported pasta from China, we are convinced that pasta is an Italian discovery and product. That’s why we propose the Pasta Cooking Team Building! Especially for foreign guests, it’s amazing to try to prepare fresh handmade pasta. Tagliatelle, gnocchi, ravioli, and spaghetti… fresh pasta can be done in any shape you like!



Pasta Cooking Team Building

The kitchen for an afternoon turns into a pasta manufacturer. Participants, divided into groups, learn how to prepare the most popular types of pasta. Ravioli and tortellini of every color and flavor, pasta in an infinite number of forms (it seems that there are 115 types!). Does it look like a hard challenge?

Of course it is, but the Pasta Cooking Team Building is primarily a way to get to know a small part of the Italian tradition at the same time as enjoying a friendly atmosphere.

To sharpen your appetite and boost curiosity we have for you a small “What to do/what not to do Pasta Guide!”



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