Sushi Making Team Building

Sushi Making Team Building is a culinary trip to Southeast Asia. Additionally, this cooking format is not only about getting acquainted with Sushi tradition and preparation techniques. It’s a powerful tool to create and develop relationships, boost creativity, motivate people, create team spirit but above all live unforgettable moments and have a lot of fun with your colleagues or business partners.



Let’s learn how to make sushi!

We start with a small warm-up session. What is the meaning of the word “sushi”? What are the origins of this dish (because surprisingly it’s not Japan)? Who can become a Sushi Master and why it’s so difficult for a woman to become one? What are the main rules of sushi savoir vivre? These are just some questions that we will answer while playing with quite exotic ingredients and discovering completely new flavors! The results will be outstanding, we can assure you.

Sushi Making Team Building is culinary format that enjoys a large interest! Do you want to know why? Try this experience with us! Click HERE to contact us right now.