Cocktail Team Building: Create Team Spirit while creating Cocktails

Cocktail Challenge is a Cocktail Team Building format that has great popularity and lots of enthusiasm. Participants meet in a warm and festive atmosphere, usually without expecting the surprise that is waiting for them. At the very last moment, they discover that the evening won’t be a usual “after business” integration meeting! They will have a chance to learn cocktails preparation techniques.

A challenge you should face!

Guided by experienced bartenders, Cocktail Team Building participants learn the main rules about the art of cocktails creation. But that’s just the beginning. Divided into teams, they have to prepare a cocktail taking into consideration not only taste but also esthetics of proposed drink.

What are the advantages of Cocktail Team Building?

It’s a great tool to make people involved, develop their creativity or improve communication skills. Small talks, experience sharing, the exchange of advice are the main ingredients that create close relations between people being at the same time the source of pure fun. Additionally, Team Building Cocktail Challenge is a tool to create a tiny competition between Teams in order to boost their morale and motivate them.

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