Create your corporate broadcast with Team Radio

Team Radio: a corporate radio team building is a new solution for companies who want to train their team and improve communication in an effective yet informal way. In this activity, we start with the creation of a corporate radio broadcasting station. With many kinds of transmissions: music, current events, research, recent news… Each participating team must design and create its own broadcast and go “on air”! The thread is always corporate: advertising of products, news of the company, hiring of new “characters” and so on. Won’t lack comic and variety transmissions with guest stars, funny scenes and company’s anecdotes.

Working at radio needs great concentration and consideration of times. It is necessary to work at great speed, organizing speeches, music, and broadcasts second by second. There is also space for improvisation but always based on previous organization. As a matter of fact, although radio hosts seem to keep on improvising gags and reactions, all of their speeches are in fact planned. For the success of a broadcast, it is important to leave nothing to chance!

Team RadioEvery participant contributes to his team’s work exploiting all his/her capacities. Especially those that appear less in the everyday routine! Somebody will appear like an awesome DJ choosing the most captivating melodies; someone will become the narrator of the broadcast, attracting the audience’s attention to each word; another one will manage the time table and organize the artistic process. Everybody will contribute to the common goal!

Which characteristics will team’s member improve during a Corporate Radio Team Building activity?

  • Time Management
  • Resources Management
  • Stress Management
  • Division of work
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork
  • Communication.

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