Painting Team Building: Create a Team through Art

The main objective of Painting Team Building is to express creativity. During our session, all new inventions and ideas about team building are tested. A Creative Team Building is a very flexible tool that can be easily used during conventions, incentive travels and other corporate parties and occasions.

What is creativity about?

It’s an experience that allows you to develop thinking outside the box, boost creativity, and come up with new ideas.

Which are the main advantages of Creative Team Building?

Art allows people to share images and visions, express emotions and inner feelings. The combination of activities ranging from painting, decoupage to body painting and mosaic, is a tool that through continuous confrontation and emulation, allows participants to test their skills and fantasy. It’s a great opportunity to give vent to one’s creativity. The goal of Creative Team Building is to give a shape to a concept or a meaning. The final result of individual artistic talent confronted with others work is a source of great motivation and a lot of fun.

Who Creative Team Building is meant for?

The amazing thing about this team building format is the fact that people who do not consider themselves artistically talented if properly stimulated and placed in a favorable environment, boost their creativity producing an important value for a team.

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