Pasta building engineering

Pasta building is the ideal team building format to round off a working day spending a little time with colleagues. And all of this while doing an activity where creativity and team spirit are the main aspects!

One of our most recent pasta building events in Milan involved and exited the top management of a big multinational company from the luxury industry. Participants were enthusiastic to take part in this very fun activity. The group was divided into three teams with the aim to build a skyscraper with pasta.

Let’s deal with pasta, glue, and imagination!

IMG_9490After the initial briefing, each team made a draft of their project, then put it into practice. They were equipped with a lot of spaghetti, which they had to glue together, creating the tallest construction as possible. There was a fierce competition! The team chose to develop vertically their building. Another team, on the contrary, paid more attention to details, and the last group of participants decided for more original construction.

The final result? The constructions made of pasta were totally different: a design skyscraper with very particular shapes, a very tall building (the tallest in the competition), and a more typical construction, not so tall, but very original. All this means that each teams used a lot of creativity during this challenge.

Good cheer!

Obviously, during this joining activity there was also room for happiness and cheerfulness between jokes, comments about the construction made, and a lot of smiles. The good cheer helped to temper the atmosphere making it more enjoyable and fun.

So, “engineers”, pasta building is waiting for you!

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