CrossWord Team Builidng

CrossWord TEam Building1

Have you ever considered CrossWord solving as a Team Building tool? No? With us, you discover that a rectangular grid of black and white shaded squares that you have to fill with words or phrases is much more than a simple crosswords game. This seemingly simple task indeed brings with itself a lot of challenge and fun! In the Crossword Team Building participants have to solve an especially prepared clue that will lead to an answer and a title of a winner!

The first crossword appeared in England in the 19th century as an elementary puzzle. Then, the idea of playing with words became popular in the United States, under the form of more sophisticated and serious adult pastime. A simple game based on playing with words over time turned into a CrossWord Puzzle tournament! Of course, our CrossWord is something more than a simple crossword. Enriched with challenging tasks and activities is a great way to meet each other in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Crossword Team Building can be an idea for:

  • a “stand-alone” Team Building format
  • an additional component to another format of Team Building.

Crossword Puzzle one meter high and eleven meters wide?CrossWord TEam Building

Of course, our Crossword Team Building can be customized to your needs or your business objectives.

Make your colleagues face facts concerning your company, reward the most loyal customers or collaborators. Large format CrossWord Puzzle is waiting for them!

To make our Crossword format even more original and fascinating we have prepared for you the giant crossword. The size of the crossword can be personalized. One meter high and eleven meters wide? Challenging enough?

The proposed format is undoubtedly a means to engage participants that let them spend time in a unique way! Dozens of words and phrases to discover! Race against time! Cooperation and knowledge sharing in order to win that friendly contest!

We’ll find out if it is true that the word kills more than the sword!

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