Build the machines of Leonardo da Vinci

The team building activity Leonardo’s Machines gives participants the unique chance to become for a day the heirs of the great Renaissance genius. They will have to lay down a project equipped with sketches and then to build their machine. The materials they will use are wood, cardboard, and ropes.

An engineering activity rich in emotions that demands great commitment and dedication, but promises surprising results. Create complex constructions, like ancient catapults and other machines projected by Leonardo da Vinci!


The goal? To create a perfectly working machine!

The difficulty? Till the last moment, the team doesn’t know which materials it will be given!

The effects on the teamwork? The team must learn not only to study a complex project like a catapult or a machine but above all to manage time and resources in order to gain the best result in a given time schedule. In this activity, individual commitment and teamwork are necessarily united.

The ecologic aspect? Like in our other activities of Engineering and Construction, we’re constantly aware of the impact on the environment. That’s why we always use recycled and recovered materials and prefer natural material like wood, paper, and cardboard.

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