Sand Castles Building as Team Building

Sand Castles Building is a great way to boost both the fun and morale of your group or corporate employees. TeamWorking offers special workshops in sand castle design and building, providing all the necessary equipment needed to turn the members of your group into accomplished sand sculptors. This includes shovels, tools, buckets, and plenty of encouragement. After the training period, the real fun begins as the rookie sand sculptors divide into teams and square off in rigorous sand castle building competitions. Our own team of sand sculptors will be on hand to give tips during the construction, judge the event, and present prizes in a variety of categories. The Sand Castle Team Building can be organised in Italy, Portugal, Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

The challenge for your team

Building sand castles requires planning, skill, patience, unity and teamwork. It also helps to promote team spirit as the team works hard to design and build a castle to meet specific requirements. Building a winning sand castle will require the combined efforts of each and every team member, to ensure that consistent designs with well defined details are created.

Through the building of sand castles, participants will also learn to work with one another as they try to improve on their castles and repair damages done. Participants will also learn about the different skills of one another and how to best mange the team.

How will your Team benefit from Sand Castle Building?

Sand castles building

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Creativity/Design
  • Feeling of Accomplishment
  • Leadership
  • Trust-building
  • Role Reversal / Dissipation of Rank
  • Competitive drive


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