Fashion Team Building: Needle-and-thread is a woman’s work? Not exactly!

Who said that cut and paste is a job only for women! Of course, we are used to seeing our mothers and grandmothers armed with a needle and thread dealing with hems, seams, buttons, and sometimes with the creation of hand made clothes.

Men do it better!

Men more talented than women? So it seems!
Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani tell you something?
It ‘a fact that the best designers in the world are men. And more and more young people are choosing fashion as their professional careers, which in recent years has also led to the spread of young designers.

Our inspiration comes from Project Runway

Fashion Team BuildingInspired by the well-known television program Project Runway, which aired on Real-time, we designed our format dedicated to all lovers of fashion and not only: Fashion team building.
In the TV show Project Runway, competitors challenge each other with each other to create and implement the dresses that will be judged by a jury of renowned designers. The competitors, working in a real laboratory of style, must deal with a set budget and time limits for making “themed” clothes. They are followed by a professional, who has the responsibility to launch the theme of the week, giving support to designers and supervise their work.

Needle-and-thread, et voilà!

On the heels of Project Runway, Fashion team building offers an opportunity for participants, armed with a needle, thread, fabrics and all the materials necessary to try their hands on the craft of a designer creating clothes on their own.  They will have to deal with limited resources and time, but will have an advantage: they will work in a team!
In fact, participants will be divided into teams and each team will have to make an outfit, using their own creative skills and their talent, but also the sharing ideas and team spirit with their colleagues!


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