A Curling Competition

Curling Competition is a team sport played on ice with heavy polished granite stones equipped with a handle. The players are divided into two teams. These stones are slipped on a sheet of ice towards a target area called “home” and marked by three concentric rings.

The two teams take turns rolling the stones with a curl effect which give to the stone a curved trajectory. Each team has eight launches per interval.

The goal is to accumulate a higher score of the opponent during the game.



When do we organize a Curling Competition?

Curling CompetitionThe activity can be carried out only in winter when there are special tracks. It is, however, a destination well known to the fans of winter sports.

We propose to work with groups up to 32 people. It is a physical and mental activity as it requires a strategic approach very intense. That’s why Curling is also called “the game of chess in the ice”. The contribution of the team and the critical to every single shot is deflected depending on how the two players sweep the path before the stone.

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