Walking with snowshoes



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To live the mountains in company and safety!

A classic winter tradition has to be rediscovered with colleagues: the excursion in the fresh snow. An excellent opportunity to leave the city chaos, surrounded by the silence of woods and mountains.

Teamworking offers both the traditional snowshoes through the woods and lonely mountain landscapes and the excursion with a relay race.

In the first case, the team is supported by a ski instructor, who will advise the most suitable route for your group, for a job in total relaxation. In the second case, will come into play team spirit and competition: Teamworking and qualified ski instructors, local experts, will study for you an obstacle course ad hoc. After an initial briefing, Teamworking divides the corporate into teams and will kick off the relay race: each member will have the opportunity to test his physical preparation, deal with others and feel part of the team. Constantly accompanied by our experienced trainers, the teams will be able to choose the most appropriate strategy to achieve the goal.

Who can participate in the Excursion?

The double formula of our proposal allows the participation of a total target: companies seeking relaxation, and companies who want to enhance team spirit can participate. Depending on the participants in the activity, Teamworking and alpine guide will study the degree of difficulty of the course.

Where can we make Excursion?

We will choose the path especially on the basis of the activities that the group will want to do before or after the Excursion.

When can we make Excursion?

In winter, in the most popular holiday resorts or summer on the glacier. Depending on the availability of the skiing facilities, it is also possible to plan a night course snowshoes classic.