A race of Go Kart on Ice

Heavy gloves, sunglasses, helmet on head and… let’s go! A race of Go Kart on Ice is an original way to spend a few hours of fun and competition with friends. The track changes and transforms between twists and turns, accelerating and sliding all the way.

Who can ride a Go Kart on Ice?

A race of Go Kart on iceThose who want to experience the thrill of adrenaline sports driving on ice. It’s a way to have fun darting aboard small vehicles to challenge friends to a stopwatch. But always in complete safety!

Ice rink studded tires: these are all the ingredients that make it the most exciting challenge between friends.

Where and when can I play the go kart?

In the mountains, at the slopes partners that meet the safety requirements and kart performative.

The activity can be carried out only in winter when there is snow.

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