A fun challenge with the sledge!

Do you think that the speed needs engines? You’re never too grown up to ride a sledge and throw yourself down a steep descent! It’s a great sport for everyone, grown-ups, and kids. TeamWorking proposes to accompany your corporate Team in the valley with the sledge down the track. This is something each of you has dreamed from childhood: a long descent on the snow, by day or by night when the snow is lit by the stars. And afterward? Maybe, a dinner at the refuge. The descent can be done either in small groups or in a big team to achieve a particular place. Each member of the team will be able to test his/her physical preparation, communicate with colleagues and feel part of the team. It’s possible to reach a high speed and win the race!



Where can we carry out the sledge activity?

In the mountains, anywhere there is snow.


Who can participate in the sledge?

To all the companies who want to perform an incentive for employees young and old, looking for fun and excitement.


What is required for sledging?

For this activity, there is only necessary to have warm clothing and a great desire to get involved and have fun. The equipment “technique” will be provided by Teamworking.

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