We offer the quieter variant Team Bob: It’s the snow rafting, namely the raft ride on the snow.

No more rushing white water, but icy snow slopes. A down to six, on a raft special, reinforced, with peak speeds of up to 50 km/hour. The alternative “slow” bobsled team, to be shared with a larger number of colleagues: but be careful not to be fooled by the “low” speed. The adrenaline rush is also very strong.

Who is the snow rafting for?

To all those who want to play an incentive for employees young and dynamic, in search of strong emotions.

Where can I carry out the snow rafting?

Only in those ski resorts equipped with suitable slopes. The choice of the track is very important since, unlike what happens in the summer rafting, the possibility of braking is almost non-existent and control is limited. The portion of descent must be long enough to allow the braking operations.

From this point of view, it is essential that the tracks are designed for the conduct of the snow-rafting. In fact, unlike what happens on the water, in snowrafting, there is no braking mechanism. For which the only force acting is the force of gravity, which pushes the boat down. In case of difficulty, there would be less chance of control over the Raft than is seen in the water.

In Italy, we know only a few areas in Trentino and Austria for this practice.

Is snow rafting dangerous?

It is not dangerous, why are taken all precautionary measures possible: there are instructors on each boat and the use of helmets is mandatory.

When you can do snow rafting?

The activity can be carried out only in winter, where there are special tracks. It is, however, to destinations known to fans of winter sports.

Cardboard Snowraft Team Building

In addition we propose an activity that involves the construction of a boat, but … cardboard. The goal of the competition is to build within a certain time and with limited resources an inflatable dinghy … cardboard for the snow! The fun is to build, create, decorate and make the descent on the track!