Urban Game Barcelona

Unique, fun, and challenging activities to create relationships, build trust and enhance communication. Urban Game Barcelona is all of this, but also an opportunity to learn some facts and curiosities about one of the most beautiful Spanish cities!

Barcelona indeed is a place that fascinates and inspires. Miró, Picasso, Gaudi are just a few points of reference during our “journey”. Barcelona beckons tourists with its small alleys full of stunning mosaics, bizarre statues, outstanding streetlights, colors, lights, tastes, fragrances and we can assure, your employees will be amazed by its unique beauty and cozy atmosphere.



Let the adventure begin!

We divide our Urban Game participants into groups. Each team receives a set of task to accomplish. Amazing monuments and hidden places, hints and puzzles, interaction and communication, competition and a winner. This is how we briefly describe an afternoon in Barcelona.

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