Segway City Tour: experience the city in comfort!

A week of adventures: Segway City TourRussian incentive group in Milan? Arabian corporate people willing to visit the shopping streets? Now the can visit the city without getting tired… with Segway City Tour!

Incentive groups travelling to Milan from Middle East, Asia, China, Russia or the United Arab Emirates would love to enjoy the city without the pain of walking around. People who had to tolerate several hours of flight can now say goodbye to long and exhausting walks around the city. We have indeed created a special tour for them! Segway City Tour that will allow them to move easily around the city and discover all the most important places.


Segway City Tour and Bicycle in Milan: an amazing success!

Segway City TourOur Segway team building reached the streets of Milan, where the participants started an exciting tour going through the most famous “Mediolanum” streets.  The tour was exciting and very particular, so that many passers-by stopped to observe the group. We used not only Segways but also Bicycles! Visiting a city by bike is indeed an active and healthy experience. You can try it in Milan, but also in other Italian cities or even at the Swiss lakes.

Moreover, this format can be reinterpreted in many other ways! We can organize for example a tour along the shopping streets going through the famous Quadrilatero della moda, which is the high-class shopping district in the city with many boutiques and retail fashion outlets. We can arrange also a tour through parks and green areas such as Parco Sempione; a tour visiting the most famous monuments of the city, such as Piazza del Duomo, Castello Sforzesco, Arco della Pace, (known also as Porta Sempione) or along the Navigli, the great canals in the heart of Milan designed by Leonardo da Vinci.


Not only City Tour Teambuilding! Italian Food Experience

Apart from visiting the city we also provide active experiential activities and also challenge the teams with special traditional Italian recipes. Not only relational activities, but also a fast and efficient ways to have a teambuilding activity, a guided city tour, an experiential food session and fun in just few hours!

Plan with us the Segway team building!

Segway City Tour is an activity that allow participants to experience the city in a different way. It is an alternative format for the Urban Game and represents a powerful tool to discover in comfort and with other people the most picturesque and fascinating places of the city. With Segway team building, team members can know each other better passing half a day all together.

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