Treasure Hunt in Catania

Would you like to visit a beautiful corner of Sicily with a thrilling Urban Game? Treasure Hunt in Catania will let us discover all the most noteworthy places of the town at the foot of Etna!



Art and historical heritage

Caccia al tesoro a Catania: scaviThis city has a history of many thousands of years (it was founded by Chalcidians in 729 BC). It offers a lot of places to visit and a lot of secrets to reveal. Fascinating because of its location near Etna volcano and because of the great number of historical monuments, Catania is one of the best places to organize an exciting Urban Game!

Following the hints, we will walk down the central via Etnea, get lost in the alleys and study the archaeological sites. We can even look around the fish market, one of the oldest in Italy. And we won’t forget the underground: underneath the lava lays the town of the XVI century with its streets, churches, thermal baths, palaces, and even street signs. In 1693 it was covered by lava, which conserved it to our days. The underground, which through the centuries was a witness of love intrigues between monks and nuns, it served as a hiding place for brigands and as a treasure for art lovers, is reachable from some points of the town… that we’ll have to find!


The legend of the elephant

Treasure hunt in Catania: Duomo and the ElephantThe Duomo square houses the church of St. Agata, the town hall and the Chierici palace. Here we can find also one of the most famous monuments of the city: Amenano fountain, crowned by an elephant figure in lava rock. This is the symbol of Catania. According to historians, it was a cult object in an oriental temple before Christianity. Brought outside of the city walls by the first Christians, it was recovered and situated in various point of the town, until finally in 1727 it found its actual position.

But this is history, while the legend is way more fascinating. The elephant is thought to be connected with the figure of Eliodoro, who lived there in 8th century AC. Eliodoro dreamed of becoming the city bishop but, not having success, made a pact with the devil and became the most famous magician. With the lava of the Etna, he created the elephant and used to traverse the city on its back, playing bad tricks to its inhabitants.

Will we be able to follow the traces of the maleficent Eliodoro and of his elephant and to discover his more hidden esoteric secrets?.. We will discover it as soon as we start the game! Click HERE to contact us right away.