Urban Game Rome

In our Urban Game Rome, we will conquer the city of ancient origins and unlimited charm that hasn’t changed over the years, in a way that allows teams to explore and learn facts and curiosities about the city having fun in the company with their colleagues and partners.

The route is full of tourists attractions and location-oriented tests. The combination of the above, a series of challenging tasks and team spirit result in a fresh, engaging and highly entertaining team building format. Urban Game is indeed a great tool to get to know each other while discovering the most famous, artistic and cultural monuments of Rome (the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Square, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps). Everything in an unusual and very involving way.

Participants, divided into groups traverse the streets of Rome’s Old Town. But it’s just the beginning. They discover the city by looking for clues, solving puzzles and riddles, using compasses and maps. The aim of the activity, besides its city visiting aspects, is to share moments spent together, have fun and boost team spirit.



New mobile approach: iPad Urban Game


Urban Game participants can be equipped with iPads. This new, mobile approach takes our game to a completely new dimension. Teams can interact and challenge other teams by sending pranks, chatting, taking pictures or recording videos. An afternoon full of laughter, good mood, and the pleasure of spending time together. Urban Game iPad is a new way to visit and explore the city, that makes our game more fun, challenging and interactive!

The participants have a unique and unrepeatable occasion to get acquainted with the historical, cultural, and enogastromical character of the city. They have a great chance to discover and admire the treasures of Rome and its immense history. During our Urban Game, they interact with local people that let them observe the culture, understand local tradition and learn facts about the city.

Warriors for a day!

Challenges never end! Become a Gladiator for a day! Experience your own time travel! Move backward in time to the moment of the Flavian Amphitheatre celebrating its greatest moments! Get inspired by the ancient battles of the brave warriors of the Roman Empire and find the most original and outstanding way to imitate Gladiators fight!

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