Treasure Hunt in Istanbul


Toward Conquering the “Orient”

Urban game IstanbulBecause of its charm, Istanbul has become the world’s fifth-most-popular tourist destination. The mixture of cultures and its unique history influenced by Roman, Byzantine, Latin, and finally, the Ottoman Empire makes it a perfect place to live an unforgettable adventure. Urban Game Istanbul by TeamWorking will make you discover this city at its best!

This time our adventure is really about finding a “treasure”. Istanbul indeed has a lot to offer: oriental climate, alleys filled with incredible fragrances, streets full of music, an array of colors and tastes.

Game participants divided into teams set off to conquer the city! Equipped with maps and a list of tasks to carry out have an opportunity to experience Istanbul in an extraordinary way! Mosques, churches, bazaars are just some showplaces that are waiting for them!


Urban Game Istanbul: an unforgettable experience!

We allow teams to get lost (of course in the figurative sense) in the labyrinth of about 3500 shops of Grand Bazaar that offer a wide selection of leather, antiques, souvenirs, local dainties, jewelry, and handmade carpets. You will have an opportunity to taste typical food, learn local traditions, and get acquainted with natives!

Istanbul is a city that certainly inspires! Experience it with us! Build your team through fun and entertaining activities!

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